Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ritual on the Island of San Lorenzo

Lima 19 December 2011 - As part of the 'Pilgrimage of the Wise Old men' of the huacas of Lima in the week of summer solstice , the island of San Lorenzo was visited on December 19th 2011 by a group of 'abuelos sabios', wise old men, and their followers to pay respect to the ancient sacred site. Other huacas that were visited are Caral, Pachacamac, Garagay, Mateo Salado, Maranga, Puruchuco and Paraiso.

The group of approx. 60 persons gathered in Pueblo Libre and went in buses to La Punta in Callao, to board a boat of the navy. The island of San Lorenzo is property of the army and cannot be visited freely. So another good reason to join the group. The sun was out in full force and just before we would arrive at the island, produced a circular rainbow. And the night before there had been a small earthquake originating in this area as well. Signs?

Upon arrival the group was greeted by antropologist Mapi Fortunic, specialised in sacred geography. After performing a ritual at the start the group moved to a beach where the women performed dances and offered flowers to the ocean. Most part of the people entered the ocean as well.

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