Monday, 11 January 2010

Let Ekeko help you at the ´Feria de los Deseos´

Lima 9 January 2010. Today we visited in Lima the ´Feria de los Deseos´ (the market of the wishes). Organizer Lidia Cortez Ñaca from Puno explains that this is the eleventh year that she organizes this market in Lima. It is an old custom in the Altiplano, the area around lake Titicaca, around the summer solstice (December 21st), and dates possibly from the Tiahuanacu culture (1400 BC until 1200 AD). The patron saint of the Feria is Ekeko, a little obese guy that brings prosperity, abundance and happiness, en who is supposed to be a continuation of the deity Tunupu.

In the Altiplano the market is called Feria de las Alasitas. An aymara word. All the things you´d like to see happen are for sale in miniature on the market; houses, cars, divorce papers, suitcase with money and a visum etc. These are being blessed with incense and rose water and you have to keep them in a safe place at home, and Ekeko will make your wish reality. To simplify my wishes I bought some money in miniature, what subsequently was blessed. Now it lays in a safe little place.

Except these rather materialistic wishes, there are numerous other activities, you can do a floricimiento, a bath of flower petals, which brings prosperity and happiness as well. Or let your future be read in coca leaves, let your fears be taken away by an egg etc. Lidia Cortez says that the persons who do all of this are not shamans, because those are from the north of Peru. These are sacerdotes andinos. Other than shamans they don´t use liquor to spray over you for cleansing, but they use flower petals and animals like the armadillo and guinea pig.

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  1. Hi Ronald,

    Is really interesting your vision about Peru and of course the way that you express it. I’m a Peruvian girl who lives in Netherlands since July 2009. And I share with you the surprise about our nations. Also I have to mention and congratulate the work of the ONG APRODE.

    Connie Quintanilla.