Monday, 3 August 2009

Barranco and Rimac work on their patrimony

Casa Rosell Ríos to host Casa Cor 2009

Workmen are busy repairing the magnificent Casa Rosell Ríos in Avenida Grau 428, Barranco, as the house is hosting the interior decoration event Casa Cor. Casa Cor starts September 22nd and ends November 1st 2009. After more then 20 years of abandonment and falling apart the house will finally be restored. Casa Rosell Ríos was constructed in 1909/12 by French architect H. Rotouin, when Barranco was a popular seaside resort for the upper class. The style is eclectic, with many beautiful details in wood and plaster. The house is mainly built with adobe, quincha and wood. The entrance is impressive with big stairs leading to a domed hallway. In the rooms many original elements have remained.

The house was first owned by Juan Esteban Ríos. Two of his daughters, Mercedes and Luzmila Ríos Martínez de Vargas, married Teodosio Alberto Rosell Cacho (* Trujillo 7-8-1870 + 28-12-1965), son of Pio Vicente Rosell González y Tamayo and María Teodosia de Cacho Lavalle y Tuesta, a descendant of a sister of the first Conde de Premio Real. Pio Vicente was married before to a daughter of president Borgoño. The son of Teodosia and Luzmila, José Rosell Ríos was fiscal de la Corte Superior de Lima and Catedrático de la Universidad Católica. After the death of his first wife Angela Sousa Miranda he remarried in 1956 Carmela Boza Lizarzaburu. She died in 1995. By then the house had already been rented out, since the seventies, to house offices and was abandoned in the eighties.

Alameda de los Descalzos will be restored

Francis Allison, minister of Vivienda, Construccion and Saneamiento announced that in the beginning of August restauration would start of the Alameda de los Descalzos in the districtof Rimac. The restauration will be coordinated between the Municipality of Rímac and the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC) and will cost 4 million soles. The work is expected to be complete in 2011.
The Alameda de los Descalzos dates from 1609/11 and was reconstructed in 1771 and used to be a meeting place for clandestine lovers. It is now very far removed from the lush green image on old pictures and postcards. (El Comercio 31 July 2009)

Church La Ermita in Barranco to be saved
This week the Municipality of Barranco has started to clean and fumigate the Church La Ermita in Barranco, was has been closed for circa 40 years. This to enable the INC to investigate the best way to recover this building.
This church was built in the 1880-ies on the place where a former smaller church was destroyed by invading Chilean troops in 1881. (Escape 31 July 2009)

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