Sunday, 19 July 2009

Invasion in Canto Grande

On July 14th the Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC) warned for a possible invasion of the Archeological Reserve Canto Grande in San Juan de Lurigancho on July 26th by some 10,000 families from other parts of Lima. Canto Grande was made a cultural heritage site in 2003 because it contains the oldest geoglyphs in Peru, dating from 2,500 BC. Much older than those in Palpa (600-100 BC) and Nazca (300 BC - 900 AD). Originally it was thought that these lines had an astronomical meaning, now the hypothesis is that they were part of a water cult and ceremonial circuits. Because of insufficient housing in Lima people see this terrain as a possible solution. Lots are already being sold. (El Comercio 15 July 2009).

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